We invested in a Portuguese future too. We understand your 'why'.

Why a Golden Visa?

Having more than one place to call home is a sought after security in an ever more complex world. With one of the highest safety and quality of life indices in the world, Portugal is an excellent second domain to call home.

The Portugal Golden Visa

Europes most popular residency & citizenship by investment program. Here's why: 

Residency Rights

The visa grants the right to live, work, and study in Portugal upon issuance of your first Golden Visa card, approximately 18 - 24 months post your application.

Visa-Free Travel

Your Golden Visa allows visa-free travel within the Schengen Area, providing access to 26 European countries.

Family Friendly

On one single €500,000 investment, your entire family, including children under the age of 18, dependents under the age of 25, and your parents over the age of 65, qualify for the program.

Minimum Stay Requirements

You are only required to be in Portugal for 14 days every two years whilst engaged in the program. By comparison, the Greek and Spanish Golden Visas require 183 days in country each year.

Quality of Life

Portugal is known for its high quality of life, including security, excellent healthcare, education, and a great climate. English is widely spoken and there is a large expatriate community.


Post completion of the program, participants can apply for Portuguese citizenship, subject to meeting certain conditions, including language proficiency.

How it works

Our team and bespoke technology makes the application process easy and efficient


Application Readiness

You are appointed a lawyer, issued a Portuguese tax ID and open a bank account in Portugal in preparation to receive your funds. At the same time, you collate a number of personal documents in your home country required by the Immigration Office. All of the above is done remotely.


Investment & Online Submission

You invest in an eligible Golden Visa fund, after which your investment is recorded with the Central Securities Depository operator in Portugal. With this receipt, your application is submitted online to the Immigration Office by your legal representative .


Pre Approval & Biometrics

After the Immigration Office pre-approves your application. you are invited to travel to Portugal for your biometrics appointment. Once you have completed the biometrics, you'll be issued your first of three cards, lasting two years.


Your Golden Visa Cards

Once you’ve cleared your five years of residency, you are entitled to apply for Portuguese citizenship which will require a clean criminal record and the passing of an A2 Portuguese language test.
Your Application Made Easy

Tejo 360 is our complete application support package, a combination of talent, experience and software that dramatically improves your application experience and outcome.

We do not introduce you to professionals and walk away, we manage success for you.

Legal Support

Your application is guided by a choice of highly experienced golden visa law practitioners with a track record of success. They manage your investment readiness,  application into the program, and represent you before the immigration office.

Tax Representation

Your Portuguese Tax ID is your main form of identification in the program. You also need an appointed tax representative to handle communication with the administration. We handle both for you.


Your investment in a fund must be transferred to a Portuguese bank account in your name. Our qualified banking partners incubate this for you via Tejo OS.

Tejo OS

We have developed a bespoke application platform through which your account is managed. The software automates data collation, optimises communication and ensures our investors data privacy and protection.


What our clients says

"I chose Tejo because I felt like the team really understood what I was looking for, and cared about the success of my application. They've built an interesting portfolio of investments and are actively engaged in ensuring that both my application, and the other investors in the fund, will succeed".

Tim Chang





"The general partners (Jules and Yann) have been great to work with. Yann was the best resource throughout the process - helping to clearly explain what was needed at each step of the way. His in-depth knowledge of the entire process gave him the ability to adapt the information to our team to prepare for the investment, and was extremely helpful along the way."

Jennifer Butterfield

Entrepreneur & Investor, USA.





"Tejo are my team on the ground for everything Golden Visa, acting as point guard between our application and the various service providers. They've built a compelling portfolio of companies in the energy, aerospace, AI and healthcare in the US, diversifying risk with solar renewables investments in Portugal. I'm glad to have invested."

Jamison Monroe

Entrepreneur & Investor, USA.





"My family and I know that we're in good hands with the team at Tejo. They have not only helped two of our applications into the program, but they also helped us find the most beautiful home in Lisbon in the most competitive market."

Fiona Ferguson

Philanthropist & Investor, UK.






With us, it's not just about financial security; it's about caring for your loved ones. Let's navigate the path to your family's peace of mind together.

How long will I be in the program?

Assume that it will take approximately 24 months to gain your first golden visa card. You will be issued a series of cards for the next 5 years, and then if you wish to convert to citizenship, assume another 18 months. All in, 8 years.

What should I look out for with my application?

We are the anti bureaucracy fund. We have developed a software platform that radically reduces time spent in application, ensures accuracy and security of data.

Combined with best in class professionals from legals, taxation and banking, we guarantee an easy, fast and successful application.

What should I look out for with my investment?

Investors seek capital preservation and growth. Nothing risky. We like to say that we're looking to hit steady singles, not home runs.

  1. Timing. Investing in where we're headed, not where we've been.
  2. Fundamentals. Energy isn't going anywhere.
  3. Diversification. Investing across execution types, geographies, and currencies.
  4. Cash Yielding.
  5. Established Exit Strategy.
What about post application care?

You will be required to visit Portugal, along with any additional family applicants, for biometrics prior to being issued your first golden visa card, and for visits totalling 14 days every two years.

We've developed a concierge service to assist you in planning these visits, along with any in visit support that you may require.

Is the Portugal Golden Visa the right program for you? We're here to help you find out.

You can retire in Portugal without the Golden Visa. Find out more.