Solar is leading the energy revolution.

Unprecedented Growth Potential

The solar energy sector is experiencing rapid expansion, fuelled by global efforts to combat climate change and the increasing competitiveness of solar technologies. As countries and corporations set ambitious renewable energy targets, solar power is poised to become a cornerstone of the global energy mix.

Economic Viability and Incentives

Solar is now cheaper than traditional fossil fuels. This cost competitiveness, coupled with government incentives, tax benefits, and subsidies, enhances the financial viability of projects. Advancing technology continues to decrease costs, driving profitability and reducing the financial risk, providing a more stable and predictable cash flow.

Sustainable and Social Impact

Solar projects reduce carbon footprints, combat climate change, and promote energy independence. This alignment with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria enhances the attractiveness of solar investments to a broader range of investors, including those looking to make a positive impact and achieving financial returns whilst invested in the Portugal Golden Visa.

Process and thesis

Our investment strategy is designed to match your Golden Visa aspirations.

Market Timing

Solar energy has reached a tipping point where, in many regions, it is now cheaper than traditional fossil fuels, making it an economically attractive option for energy generation. This cost competitiveness, coupled with government incentives, tax benefits, and subsidies in various countries, enhances the financial viability of solar projects.

Predictable returns

Solar energy investments yield predictable returns due to stable sunlight patterns, advanced PV technology, and long panel lifespans. Fixed upfront costs, low operational expenses, and supportive regulatory frameworks ensure clear, long-term financial outcomes, making solar a reliable investment choice.

Geographic Diversification

The Golden Visa program allows for 40% of investors capital to be invested outside of Portugal. We invest across Portugal, Europe and the US to enable geographic, jurisdictional and fx exposure.

Asset Diversification

We provide a finance facility solution to solar developers that is a blend of collateralised debt and equity across different deployment strategies, including Utility Scale Solar, Energy as a Service, Battery Storage and Merchant Plant Models.

Ease of Liquidation

Large capital allocators seek stabilized, cash-yielding assets, driving our strategy to cultivate a portfolio of profitable solar assets. The high demand for renewable energy, combined with the liquidity of solar investments, ensures that these assets can be efficiently bundled and sold, providing a seamless exit strategy for our investors. This approach not only meets the financial objectives of capital allocators but also aligns with the global shift towards sustainable investments, making it a compelling option for those ready to transition out of the program.

Climate resilient

Solar energy stands as a climate-resilient investment because it leverages the inexhaustible power of the sun. Low water usage, decentralized deployment, durable designs and advancements in PV technology ensure consistent energy production even as global climate patterns shift.

Investing via eligible funds is the primary route for entry into the program. Real estate is no longer a qualifying investment option.

Having successfully raised and invested our first fund in technology and energy companies in the U.S. and Portugal in 2023, we are actively raising a restricted €50M solar renewables fund, Solar Future Fund, which will close for new subscriptions at the end of 2024.

50€ M

Total Raise


Golden Visa Eligible Investment

26,280 T

Annual CO2 displacement

Why Funds?

Funds offer the lowest friction for investors.

Our strategy is focussed on capital security and a competitive return. We seek to hit singles, not home runs.

  • A secure asset class that is not subject to fluctuations. Think contracts, tailwinds, and not reliant on variable inputs.
  • Diversification of the portfolio, your capital spread across numerous projects to manage risk exposure.
  • Collateralised investments that generate a cash yield for you.
  • Clear liquidation at the end of the term.
Your Application Made Easy

Tejo 360 is our complete application support package, a combination of talent, experience and software that dramatically improves your application experience and outcome.

We do not introduce you to professionals and walk away, we manage success for you.

Legal Support

Your application is guided by a choice of highly experienced golden visa law practitioners with a track record of success. They manage your investment readiness,  application into the program, and represent you before the immigration office.

Tax Representation

Your Portuguese Tax ID is your main form of identification in the program. You also need an appointed tax representative to handle communication with the administration. We handle both for you.


Your investment in a fund must be transferred to a Portuguese bank account in your name. Our qualified banking partners incubate this for you via Tejo OS.

Tejo OS

We have developed a bespoke application platform through which your account is managed. The software automates data collation, optimises communication and ensures our investors data privacy and protection.

Testimonials, Fund 1

What some of our portfolio founders say

"The team at Tejo are mission aligned with FIELD Energy as we both invest our lives in the clean energy revolution. Clean energy has to be supported by distributed battery storage and we need to build this infrastructure quickly. Tejo committed to that vision with their largest single investment from Fund 1."

Amit Gudka

Founder and CEO, Field Energy.




"Gazelle Wind is building the future of deep sea wind farming technology as we strive to speed up the transition to a clean energy future. The team at Tejo believe in our mission, understand the importance of our technology and are committed investors as a result. We're delighted to have them as partners in our race to a clean energy future."

Jon Salazar

Founder and CEO, Gazelle Wind Power.




"Tejo Ventures are pre-seed investors in Function Health, being among the earliest to believe in our vision to build the world's most intelligent health platform and our mission of empowering everyone to live 100 healthy years. They have been hugely supportive throughout - always making tactical introductions and championing the mission."

Jonathan Swerdlin

Founder and CEO, Function Health.




Our last projects we invest in
Fortios Renewable Energy Community (REC)

Fortios Renewable Energy Community (REC)

The Anchor Client, Associação dos Amigos da Terceira Idade dos Fortios, has successfully implemented two RECs. The first project is a 24.75 kWp solar power installation at the Centro Infantil (kindergarden), which achieves carbon-positive status and supports 13 families. The installation is projected to produce approximately 40 MWh of clean energy annually, reducing the carbon footprint by 10 metric tons of CO2 equivalent. The second, larger-scale project is a 99.55 kWp solar power installation at Lar, a retirement home, with a reduction of 39 metric tons of CO2 equivalent in carbon emissions. It benefits 64 families through the community's social tariff. Both projects are operational as of Q4 2023.

Solar power installation
Monteiro Electro Fabril (REC)

Monteiro Electro Fabril (REC)

Monteiro Electro Fabril has established a 237.60 kWp solar power facility, which now supplies 79% of Monteiro Electro Fabril's energy needs. The solar plant is expected to generate 342 MWh of electricity annually, significantly reducing the company's reliance on non-renewable energy sources and supporting 217 families through the community's social tariff program. The project makes a substantial environmental impact by reducing the carbon footprint by 89 metric tons of CO2 equivalent. The project is operational as of Q4 2023.

Solar plant
The Lisboa-Externato Padre António Vieira Renewable Energy Community (REC)

The Lisboa-Externato Padre António Vieira Renewable Energy Community (REC)

Externato Padre António Vieira in Lisbon has launched a 51.98 kWp solar plant, fulfilling 52% of the community's energy requirements and aiding 35 families through the community's social tariff. This initiative, which commenced commercial operations in December 2023, is set to cut carbon emissions by 23 metric tons of CO2 equivalent.

Solar plant

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